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13 Tips for Writing Authentic Copy
Target Marketing Summer 2018


5 Reasons Copywriters Need to Understand Data to Be Effective
Today @ Target Marketing June 26, 2018


Revisiting the Power of Print
Today @ Target Marketing February 23, 2018


13 Time-Saving Tips for Client Revisions
Today @ Target Marketing December 13, 2017


The Copywriter's Checklist
Target Marketing November/December 2017


How to Write Copy for Those That Only Skim
Today @ Target Marketing August 4, 2017


The Power of Naming Your Marketing Elements
Target Marketing July/August 2017


Guaranteed Success: How Marketers Achieve Trust and Loyalty with a Solid Guarantee
Today @ Target Marketing June 28, 2017


7 Tips for the Print-to-Digital Writer
Today @ Target Marketing December 14, 2016


3 Power Tools for Writers
Target Marketing November/December 2016


Can SEO Content Be Reader-Friendly?
Today @ Target Marketing October 17, 2016


3 Often Untapped Direct Mail Format Advantages
Target Marketing July/August 2016


Subject Lines: 18 Ways to Get Your Email Opened
Today @ Target Marketing July 12, 2016


A Copywriter's Roadmap
Target Marketing April 2016


10 Copy and Design Issues You Can't Overlook
Today @ Target Marketing March 23, 2016


19 Ways to Punch Up Your Creative
Today @ Target Marketing December 3, 2015


61 (More) Copy Starters for Letter and Email Openers
Target Marketing December 2015


55 Words That Convert
Direct Marketing IQ October 8, 2015


15 Marketing Opportunities You're Missing
Direct Marketing IQ August 13, 2015


Marketing Guru Wanted
Target Marketing July/August 2015


5 Reasons to Use Numbers in Copy [video]
Today @ Target Marketing July 15, 2015


Readability Checklist for Writers, Designers and Approving Managers
Direct Marketing IQ June 18, 2015


Who's Got Your Number?
Direct Marketing IQ April 23, 2015


13 Tactics to Get Your Marketing Messages Read
Direct Marketing IQ March 26, 2015


Making Headlines. Literally
Target Marketing March 2015


This One's for YOU
Direct Marketing IQ February 26, 2015


Greetings & Salutations: 5 Questions to Answer Before Writing Your Next Email or Letter
Direct Marketing IQ December 18, 2014


Riddle Me This ... (13 questions your copywriter needs answered ASAP)
Target Marketing November/December 2014


6 Tips to Transform Ordinary Sales Copy into an Extraordinary Sales Story
Direct Marketing IQ October 23, 2014


19 Creative Tests to Schedule Right NOW!
Target Marketing September 2014


Tweaking (Not Twerking) for Response
Direct Marketing IQ August 28, 2014


7+ Cross-Channel Copywriting Tips to Use IMMEDIATELY!
Direct Marketing IQ July 10, 2014


What I Learned from P.O. Box 1857
Target Marketing June 2014


The Power of Your Words
Direct Marketing IQ April 24, 2014


Stop Them in Their Tracks
Target Marketing April 2014


3 Tips to Deal with the Sticky Business of Direct Mail
Direct Marketing IQ February 27, 2014


7 Copy-Starter Tricks Every Marketer Should Know
Today@Target Marketing January 22, 2014


31 Reasons to Send Email and Direct Mail
Target Marketing January/February, 2014


19 Tips for Writing Effective Email Subject Lines
Direct Marketing IQ December 19, 2013


43 Top Tips of 2013
Target Marketing December 1, 2013
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14 Ways to Motivate Your Prospect
Direct Marketing IQ October 17, 2013


Only Fools Ignore Rules
Target Marketing October 15, 2013
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Hook, Line and Sinker: 15+ Tips for Writing Cross-Channel Teasers
Target Marketing October 1, 2013


Top Ten Things: Top 5 Fundraising Ideas from The Next Generation of American Giving
Association of Fundraising Professionals September 3, 2013

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Read This Before You Mail Another Postcard
Direct Marketing IQ August 22, 2013


Writing by the Numbers
Target Marketing July/August, 2013


11 Tips for Writing Subject Lines that Get Opened
Direct Marketing IQ June 27, 2013


How Many Ways Can You Say It?
Target Marketing May 1, 2013


Direct Mail Is Dead. Long Live Direct Mail!
Herald-Tribune April 22, 2013

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Quick Tricks to Get More Clicks, Calls & Mailed-in Responses
Direct Marketing IQ April 18, 2013


When Less Is More
Target Marketing March 1, 2013


Creating Content that Connects and Generates Response
Direct Marketing IQ February 28, 2013


18 Tips for Copywriters and Content Developers to
Improve Their Cross-Channel Writing Skills

Target Marketing January 1, 2013


Do’s and Don’ts of Writing for Engagement
Direct Marketing IQ December 13, 2012


35 Top Tips of 2012
Target Marketing December 1, 2012

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
Target Marketing November 1, 2012


5 Ways to Get Your Copy & Content Read by the 'Scanner'
Direct Marketing IQ September 13, 2012


Make Your Best Offer
Target Marketing September 1, 2012


The Lynchpin of Direct Mail and Email
Target Marketing August 21, 2012

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Free for All
Target Marketing July 1, 2012


Generate More Orders with a Package Insert Program
Direct Marketing IQ June 28, 2012


Answers to 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Marketing
Target Marketing May 1, 2012


12 Tips for Attracting New Customers
Direct Marketing IQ April 19, 2012


Tips for Cross- and Upselling Customers
Bank of America Small Business Online Community March 15, 2012

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48 Idea-Starters for Letter and Email Openers
Target Marketing March 1, 2012


4 Ways to Make Your Sales Copy More Effective
Direct Marketing IQ February 16, 2012


18 Tips for Successfully Using Phone Interviews
Target Marketing January 1, 2012


Website Testing Wins: Try Different Testimonials
Monetate December 27, 2011

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12+ Tips for Creating Engaging Envelopes
Direct Marketing IQ December 15, 2011


12 Tips to Up the Ante for Your Marketing Messages
Target Marketing November 1, 2011


3 Direct Marketing Principles to Improve Your Email Marketing
ClickZ September 11, 2011

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The Kit Factor
Target Marketing September 1, 2011


7 Copywriting Tips for Subject Lines, Headlines and Direct Mail Teasers
Direct Marketing IQ August 25, 2011


Let the Good Times Roll
Target Marketing July 1, 2011


Repetition Works
Direct Marketing IQ June 30, 2011


Meet Your Marketing Allies
Target Marketing May 1, 2011


14 Tips for Producing Postcards with Pizzazz
Direct Marketing IQ April 28, 2011


Direct Mail Formats that Work, Now
Direct Marketing IQ March 17, 2011

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Reputation Guaranteed
Target Marketing March 1, 2011


An Intercepted Letter to Google
Direct Marketing IQ February 24, 2011


The Devil's in the Details
Target Marketing January 1, 2011


5 Ways to Use a Deadline to Super-Charge Response
Direct Marketing IQ December 16, 2010


How to Hire the Right Writer
Direct Marketing IQ November 11, 2010


Keeping It Real
Target Marketing November 1, 2010


Positive Anticipation
Target Marketing September 1, 2010


8 Ways to Cut Copy
Direct Marketing IQ August 26, 2010


In Their Own Words
Target Marketing July 1, 2010


Terms of Engagement
Direct Marketing IQ June 24, 2010


The Power of Typography
Target Marketing May 1, 2010


5 Ways Direct Marketers Can Mix It Up
Target Marketing April 14, 2010


Direct Mail: Dead or Dead On?
Direct Marketing IQ April 8, 2010


Conversation Killers
Target Marketing March 1, 2010


Dear Google (Guest Post)
Amy Africa's QLOG February 17, 2010


A Conversation With Our Friend, Pat Friesen
Merrigan & Co. February 16, 2010


6 Ways to Unlock Writer's Block
Inside Direct Mail February 11, 2010


Increase Visibility
Target Marketing January 1, 2010


Delivery Confirmation
Target Marketing November 1, 2009


Credibility and Trust
Target Marketing September 1, 2009


Opt In to the Inbox
Target Marketing July 1, 2009


Make the Connection
Target Marketing May 1, 2009


Clue In Your Copywriter
Target Marketing March 1, 2009


Mind Your Message
Target Marketing January 1, 2009


On the Radar
Target Marketing November 1, 2008


To Mail or Not to Mail
Target Marketing September 1, 2008


Boost Readership, Jump-start Response
Target Marketing July 1, 2008


Rev Up Your Response
Target Marketing May 1, 2008


How to Put Your Direct Mail Skills to Use in E-mail Marketing
Target Marketing March 1, 2008


E-mail Copy Tips from a Great E-mail Copywriter
Jeanne Jennings ClickZ Experts February 25, 2008
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This Copywriter Knows More Than a Thing or Two About 
Producing Winning Packages
Monthly Copywriting Genius Issue #58 February, 2008
Pat was featured in this issue.


Three Reasons Why Less is More on the Outer
Ethan Boldt Target Marketing January 23, 2008
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Mind the Gaps
Target Marketing January 1, 2008


Ripe for Reactivation
Inside Direct Mail December 1, 2007
Pat was interviewed for this article.


Open Sesame
Target Marketing November 1, 2007


Five Ways to Improve Outer Envelope Language
Ethan Boldt Target Marketing September 12, 2007
Pat was interviewed for this article.


Direct Mail Road Signs
Target Marketing September 1, 2007


13 Questions for Better Creative
Hallie Mummert Target Marketing August 29, 2007
Pat contributed to this article.


Give 'em a Sneak Peek
Target Marketing July 1, 2007


Direct Mail Strategy: Still in Style
Target Marketing May 1, 2007


9 Ways to Make Your Response Device More Effective
Target Marketing February 7, 2007


Do's and Don'ts of Kits
Target Marketing October 1, 2006


Special Report: Fulfillment
Target Marketing October 1, 2006


Lights Out Creative
Target Marketing July 1, 2006


15 Tips to Maximize Your 2006 Direct Mail Investment
Target Marketing January 1, 2006


Beat Your Control

Target Marketing May 1, 2005


OOPS! 6 Tips to Avoid Direct Mail Gaffes
Target Marketing March 1, 2005


The Power of Lumpy Mail
Target Marketing January 1, 2005


Direct Mail Strategy: Hook Them With Your Copy
Target Marketing November 1, 2004


Direct Mail Strategy: Show Them How Much You Care
Target Marketing September 1, 2004


Direct Mail Strategy: A Plethora of Postcard
Target Marketing May 1, 2004


The Ins of Outers
Target Marketing August 1, 2003


Give Productive Feedback to Creatives
Target Marketing September 1, 2003


The Power of Inserts
Target Marketing February 1, 2003


10 Tips for Writing Productive E-mail Copy
Target Marketing November 1, 2001


21 Reasons to Send Your Customers Postcards
Target Marketing June 1, 1999


Direct Response Creative — What to Test First
Target Marketing May 1, 1999


Great Letter 'Openers'
Target Marketing, October 1, 1998


Referrals — Birds of a Feather
Target Marketing September 1, 1998